First Issue

2015 Stories & Art

In this First Issue of the resurrected Cemetery Guardians, we delve into the stories of different guardians of the cemetery. These are some of the first stories, a couple revised and a couple left as they were, from our print version in 2006.

Click here for a bit of Cemetery Guardian history.


WILD oVEr toMbS DoES GroW by CSE Cooney

Wild Over Tombs Does Grow

The Turnip by Allison Lake

The Turnip

Bad Luck by Frank Stasik

Bad Luck

Sister Sentinel by Jeanine Marie Vaughn

Sister Sentinel

All Artwork by R. Huston


At 6:30 pm on October 29th, the No Shush Salon event featured the Cemetery Guardians and was followed by a spooky Open Mic at the Clarendon Hills Library.

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